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Use your Anjou Nail Printer like a pro! You’ll learn the basics of how to use your Anjou Nail Printer, upload file, update the printer, change settings, manage it with your phone, and more.


Instructions to Print Your Perfect Manicure


Apply Base Coat

Apply a coat of base coat. Cure base coat under UV light for 60 seconds. 


Apply Color Coat

Apply your color coat, then cure under the UV light for 60 seconds. *(Repeat this step if you would like a thicker coat of color.)


Apply Print Gel

Apply the print gel. DO NOT cure under UV light.


Insert to Printer

Insert desired finger into the nail printer. Select your image, position the image to your liking, and tap print. Stay still to avoid misprinting. 


Cure Under UV Light

When printing is done, cure under the UV light for 60 seconds.


Insert to Printer

Apply top coat, and cure under the UV light for 60 seconds.


You're All Set

Ready to show off your polished manicure!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I upload picture?

You can download our Anjou Nails Printer app on either ios or android store. and upload picture onto your account in app

What are the steps needed to use this nail printer?

Step 1 — Apply base coat, dry in nail dryer Step 2 — Apply white-gel polish (or color of your choice), dry in nail dryer Step 3 — Apply print gel (DO NOT dry) Step 4 — Insert finger into the nail printer Step 5 — After printing, dry in nail dryer Step 6 — Apply top coat, dry in nail dryer You’re all set!

Can it print on any nail polish color?

Our nail printer best detects light polish colors, from white to pastel colors. You can also print full-colored designs on your nails, such as patterns and images with colored backgrounds.

How long will the cartridge last?

The ink cartridge lasts for 4,000 prints.

Is there a warranty on the nail printer?

Warranty on the nail printer is 18 months.

What kind of ink does it use? Is it safe for kids?

Our nail printer uses laser ink, totally safe for kids!

How does the image scan?

The image scans like a normal printer, color by color. Unfortunately, the ink cartridge does not have white ink. If you would like to print a white cat on black nails, it would be best to upload an image of a white cat on a black background to print on your nails.

Can I use ANY image? If I took a picture of a movie poster, how much of that would be possible to transfer? How detailed can my image go?

You can use any image you want, but please be aware that depending on the scale of the poster and details of the image, and the size of your nails, the final nail image may be affected.

How long does it generally take for the nail printer to finish printing a simple design?

Just 60 seconds of printing time. Get your nails done faster than anyone else!

Does the Anjou website and/or machine app provide templates? Do we have to look for our own images?

Our nail printer comes with 500 preloaded images, but you can also upload your own designs using our app.

Do you have service from China or USA?

Yes, we have service in the U.S. Our customer service team can answer any questions you have during and after your order.

Do you accept Paypal?

We currently do not accept Paypal, only credit card payment at this time.

Do nail salons get any perks?

Yes! We will provide free marketing for salons who own our Anjou Nail Printer. The free marketing campaign includes: 1) Featuring your salon on our website 2) Advertising campaigns on social media 3) Poster


More Questions?

Have a look around in our Anjou Community and join the discussions.

Other Resource


Any questions about our nail printer or an order? Need to contact Anjou Customer Support? Or just looking to know more about Anjou Nail Printer? Check out the Anjou Community or you can contact our Customer Support team.

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